A new potent food supplement for men

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Punalpin – A new potent food supplement for men

Punalpin® is a new herbal dietary supplement and the result of a 5 year-long targeted research and product development effort. The effect of Punalpin® has been tested with a significant positive result in a clinical study. A total of 66 men participated in the study. The results of the study was published in the peer-reviewed, high-quality journal Plos One.

Punalpin® consists of two active ingredients: a high quality pomegranate extract combined with the rhizome of greater galangal. Both ingredients are gently processed in order to preserve the natural, characteristic compounds of pomegranate and greater galangal – ellagitannins and acetoxychavicol acetate (ACA), respectively.

The Danish company Nerthus ApS has developed Punalpin® and applied for patent rights to the effect of the combination as well as the processing method of greater galangal.

The ingredients are formulated in two different tablets in order to optimize shelf life. The tablets should be taken in combination.

Punalpin® is for sale online at this homepage.

The price of one portion of Punalpin® is 980 DKK corresponding to 132 Euro (incl. VAT, excl. costs of delivery). One portion covers 90 days of consumption.

Due to EU legislation we are not allowed to claim the effect of Punalpin® nor inform on the results of our clinical study. The use of a health claim requires an authorization from the EU Commission. We are working on achieving such an authorization!

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